The Proposal

Elizabeth & Phil's romance has stood the test of time, even a six year break couldn't keep this lovely couple apart and the time eventually bought them closer together.

" I remember meeting him

and just looking at him and thinking

‘ he is the one!' "

Phil, you took advantage of Luna's personalised service and we actually met down the pub to chat about what you had in mind...

Phil: Yeah, it was great to just relax into it and chat. The fact I was buying my ring with a bespoke service, knowing I'd be getting exactly what I wanted from someone I trusted made the whole experience a breeze, and I got to enjoy this pivotal time in my life rather than getting lost in jargon.

Elizabeth: I had NO idea Phil was going to propose he was cool as a cucumber!

You came to us with a rough idea of what you wanted...

Phil: I had a rough idea of the design and some thoughts on the colour & clarity of the diamond, talking through the finer points and knowing that you could make the best work for my budget got me excited to see the end result. I was blown away the first time I saw it, I just knew Elizabeth would love it.

Elizabeth: My rings are my most prized possessions, I love them so much and get so many comments. They are so sparkly and eye catching I love them and feel so lucky to call them my own.

Yes, that's right, we also created both your wedding bands for the big day...

Elizabeth: Yes! The service provided was really flexible. We chose our wedding bands at home one evening with a bottle of wine. We loved it! Plus I got to try on lots of diamonds ; )

" My favourite memory is our wedding day and

the day our son Arthur was born. The best days of my life! "

Elizabeth & Phil's fairy tale had just begun on the day he proposed in Sicily, they've since celebrated their love with close family & friends on their wedding day and had a son together called, Arthur.

We wish this couple all the luck in the world and we're so very honoured to have created their rings which symbolise their love and commitment to each other.

Congratulations Elizabeth & Phil x