Leap Year Proposals in 2020

Would you propose to your man?

It’s 2020, anyone can propose to anyone, right? But, would the more traditional ladies out there ever think about getting down on one knee?

According to a 2019 study, 57% of the women surveyed said they would, that’s a big ‘leap’ compared to a 2016 survey that noted less than 5% saying they would.

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The history of the leap day proposal

The Irish tradition dates back to the 5th century when an Irish nun called St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick for a woman to initiate a marriage proposal, as even then women wanted the option. He agreed but, only every four years and if the man were to refuse the offer he would have to buy his proposer a gift. There has been a range of consolation gifts over the years, gloves, which could only be given on Easter Sunday, a silk gown, a fur coat or a kiss. Brings a whole new meaning to the game, kiss, marry, avoid!

There has been many women that have succeeded in proposing to their partners, including some famous names , Kristen Bell, Jenifer Hudson, even Britney popped the question to K-fed.

76% of men said that they would be happy for women to propose, so there's your green light ladies.

As time moves forward women are becoming more and more in charge of their own lives. For equality to work both sexes need to be willing to do everything, even if traditionally it was not in our wheelhouse.

If you’re in love it shouldn’t matter who does the proposing, the world in 2020 in a smorgasbord of choice, dive in!

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